Bread Worth Breaking

Freshly Milled × Whole grain × Naturally Leavened × wood fired


Located in rural Oregon, Farmstead Bread is a bakery focused on flavor, freshness and crafting community with each handmade loaf.


We started making our favorite kind of bread on our farm and things just grew from there.  Our wood-fired oven, stone mill, and long fermentation allow us to produce a unique loaf that is simple and delicious without sacrificing any of the nutrition that is so central to this daily staple.

Each season, we work hard to increase the diversity of ingredients sourced locally.  And with each passing year we strive to build deeper relationships with other farmers, suppliers and customers to help create a resilient and interdependent community in our bio-region. 



(541) 735-2872



Myrtle Point, Oregon


Pick-up Hours for Preorders


Myrtle Point:

10-5:00 @ Myrtle Grove Naturals


10-4:00 @ Oregon Micro-Market

In stores

Mother’s Natural Grocery

Coos Head Food Co-op

Myrtle Grove Naturals


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